Do you want to invest in yourself? Below are the programs ongoing in 2024. 

If you want to change your life, career and business, the options below are consistently running.




  • 1 Session x 1 Hours

  • Single Day

  • Virtual / In-Person

  • Obstacle Indentification

  • Goal Setting

  • Outline Healing Plan

USD 297

Healing & Confidence Breakthrough

  • 8 Sessions x 1 Hours

  • 6 Weeks

  • Virtual / In-Person

  • All benefits of strategy sessions PLUS:-


We use Neuro Transformation Therapy to map out and heal Negative Mindset, Break Trauma Patterns, Awaken Confidence, Understand addictions and break through into healing.

USD 2,000

Healing & Confidence Transformation

  • 14 Sessions x 1 Hours

  • 12 Weeks

  • Virtual / In-Person

  • All benefits of the Breakthrough Program PLUS:-


We set our SMART short and long-term goals and outline how to start achieving each to TRANSFORM your life into the life of your dreams.


Start and RUN businesses, Build Career progressions, Create new 'Operating Procedures' for your life.

USD 4,500

Workplace Wellness For Corporates

  • Team Building
  • Understanding Corporate Goals Vs Personal Goals
  • Goals Alignment
  • Team Participation
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Change Management in Organisation
  • Work culture appraisal
  • Healing After Huge Employee Turnover
  • Leadership development
  • Individual Coaching Sessions for Employees

**Variable Cost, depending on number of people

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