Mary "Medley" Maina

Mindset Coach

This is why I created the Mind, Body and Spiritual ​Navigation Program!


I am Mindset & Confidence guiding professionals to TRANSFORM their mind patters so they can gain focus, break the cycle of self-defeat and overcome Imposter Syndrome and accompanying limiting beliefs.


I also coach coporate career women who need resources to navigate their careers during motherhood, career transitions, self-doubt, entrepreneurship and work-life balance.


Additionally, I serve corporate businesses that are looking to transform their work culture, build stronger teams and create or strenghten inter-company communication, using my PROFESSIONAL COHESION program. I hekp businesses and organisations link their goals and longterm plans to the goals of their workforce.

​As a trained Business Manager and Administrator, who has worked in the corporate world for over 10 years at different levels, I have had a front row seat experiencing the career changes due to motherhood, obstacles to career growth and difficulties of being a woman in entrepreneurship. ​


Why choose to work with me?


​When I quit my job due to mental and physical exhaustion (burnout), I realized that I did not have a good support system inside my work, career and organisation. This mirrored the experience of many people who want a life outside of their careers, businesses and want to be happy and fulfilled doing their daily tasks.

My hope is that we build a safe space and community to share, care and learn from each other on mental, body and spiritual health.

So FOLLOW, LIKE, SHARE and lets journey together! I hope you make this your home!